The Church of the Undying Flame

From The Regnum Animale by Bishop Vitellus of Oaken:

The Church of the Undying Flame is devoted to the worship of the Undying Flame and the well-being of Its children, as should be known by any subject of the High King of Aurore.  All of Creation was made by the Undying Flame, forged in Its celestial fires.  We Fauna each may be children of the Undying Flame, for It has placed a spark of divine fire inside us, making our souls immortal even though our earthly bodies may wither and die.  But beware, for Fauna may also reject this divine inheritance and turn to acts of evil.  The Undying Flame loves justice, and so the unjust will be judged and condemned for the evils they commit, if not in this life then after death.

The creed of the Church can be summarized as follows: to honor, revere, and obey the Undying Flame, and to love one another as fellow recipients of the Divine Fire.  The Church beckons all Fauna to these callings, and undertakes missions to bring the word of the Undying Flame, as recorded in the Tome of Exalted Deeds, to all Fauna everywhere.  When evil rears its head, the Church calls its faithful to take up arms against it, defending those who cannot defend themselves.

The Tome of Exalted Deeds is the holy writ in which the revelations of the Undying Flame have been recorded by their various witnesses throughout the ages.  Also contained within this sacred book are the hagiographies of heroes and saints, those who have exemplified the Seven Virtues:


and Charity,

while resisting the Seven Vices:


and Gluttony.

The Church of the Undying Flame

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