The Chronicle of Fauna

From The Regnum Animale by Bishop Vitellus of Oaken:

Quoth the philosopher and playwright Equisander, "Those ignorant of yesterday will perform its tragedies upon tomorrow's stage."  Therefore, reading records of history may illuminate one's path, showing the way to avoid the evils committed and suffered by our ancestors.  The study of history is the practice of monarchs, yet all may benefit from some basic knowledge of how things have come to be the way they are.

A brief chronology of the Realm:

1 R.A. – The Inheritance of the World.  The Undying Flame gifts the Fauna with divine fire, lifting them from their previous state of dormancy and instilling in them wisdom and discernment.

777 R.A. – The Kindling of the Twelve Clades at Arkhaven.  Talisid and the Five Companions bring the blessed laws of the Undying Flame to the Twelve Clades – Mammal, Avian and Reptilian – exhorting them to worship, obey, cooperate and thrive.

1912 R.A. – The War of the Oath.  The Reptilian Clades, led by Slarithzon the Merciless, break the Sacred Oaths of fealty to the Undying Flame and forever renounce their ties to Arkhaven.  The line of Slarithzon eventually founds the Ophidian Empire, devoted to the worship of heathen gods.

2100-3495 R.A. – The Age of Great Empires.  Mammals, Avians and Reptilians build their great empires as they war and make treaties with each other.  In the Mammalian Tyarithine Empire, many strides are made in philosophy and the sciences, ushering in a golden age.

3495 R.A. – The Atavist Invasions.
  Tribes of Atavist barbarians descend in waves upon the Tyarithines, which by this time have largely descended into decadence.  The Aquilarian archmage Orm magically defends the Avian homeland from Ophidian invasion, sacrificing his own life in the process.

3900 R.A. – The Foundation of Aurore.  Leofric, Son of Leomund, king of Elladur, unites the squabbling kings of the surrounding lands to forge a great army and retake Arkhaven from the Atavist hordes.  The resultant victory sees Leofric crowned High King.  Elladur is renamed Leomundia in honor of his father.

4195 R.A. – The Ophidian Crusades.  A succession of Auroran kings battle against the Ophidian Empire, trying to take the war to their lands.  Ground is won and lost in bitter contests stretching over centuries.  The Bulwarkeen outpost of Orvorc profits from the seagoing traffic and needs of the crusaders.

4440 R.A. – The Great Invae Incursion.  A comet, earthquakes and plague herald the coming of the terrible Invae, who attempt to invade the western lands of the Realm.  The divisive Mammalian kingdoms unite under the banner of Aurore, and ally themselves with High Aquilaria.  Many Avians flee to the isle of Ethyrion.

4508 R.A. – The Death of King Glyndwir.  King Glyndwir the Gold of Aurore is slain in battle against the Ophidians at Est Izlon.  His body is recovered by the Knights Radiant and returned to Arkhaven.  The King's favored advisor, Lord Adamantius Obstone, is named Lord Protector of the Realm, empowered to rule Aurore as regent until the heir, Crown Prince Goldwyn, is old enough to ascend the throne.

4511 R.A. – The Present.  The Avians of High Aquilaria bitterly contend with the Invae and Reptilians for control of their homeland.  Crown Prince Goldwyn prepares to be crowned King next year.

The Chronicle of Fauna

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