Talisid and the Five Companions

From The Regnum Animale by Bishop Vitellus of Oaken:

Fauna are not the only beings to worship and serve the Undying Flame.  Higher spirits of great power also serve It, as they are as much subjects of Creation as we are.  Chief among these servitors are the Emissaries, more popularly known as The Companions.  Many tales both canonical and apocryphal have been told of Talisid and the Five Companions.  It is impossible to travel anywhere in Mammalian or Avian lands without hearing some tale or song about these divine heroes and their enduring friendship.  Such is their inspiration that entire sects of the Church are devoted to emulating their examples, and those who do so faithfully are endowed with their powers.  Each of the Companions command legions of divine spirits known as Guardinals, of which there are seven varieties described in the Tome of Exalted Deeds.

Talisid the Celestial Lion would be the Companions' peer were he not entrusted with the responsibility to lead them.  He is a model ruler – bold, just and decisive, yet humble.  The monastic Order of the Reverent Knights of the Radiant Mane – colloquially called the Knights Radiant – consider Talisid to be their patron.

Sathia the Sky Duchess is the voice of the Avians, and patron and muse for painters, sculptors, and other artists.

Manath the Horned Duke is lord of the Cervidals, whose keen wit and sense of fun charms the other Companions.  He is known for his colloquial manner and prancing tongue.

Vhara, Duchess of the Fields, is the Equine lady of all who love plants and the greenwood.  Behind her aloof and somewhat domineering facade, she hides a profoundly generous and emotional spirit.  She adores flowers of all sorts, and her shrines are often host to beautiful collections of bouquets and arrangements in her honor.

Kharash the Stalker is aptly named for his habit of staying in the shadows.  Staunch supporter of the authority of Talisid, he is often nicknamed "Talisid's Shadow".  He is the paragon of Lupines, and shares Talisid's passion for the hunt and untamed wilderness.  Sly of tongue, he avoids accolades.  He also has a fondness for children, around whom he is inexplicably awkward.  The Holy Office for the Vexation of the Iniquitous – the Harriers – are guided by the example of Kharash, searching from the shadows for signs of heresy, evil and infernal influence.

Bharraj the Great Bear is the matriarch of Ursines, also known as "Mother Bear".  She treats Fauna as cherished children, taking great interest in our endeavors and exploits and fearing for us when we face evil.  She teaches much about the importance of living in harmony with nature.  The Order of the Pious Knights of the Argent Star – the Knights Argent – follow the teachings of Bharraj, devoting themselves to the principled mastery of magic as well as skill in arms.

Game Stats

Talisid the Celestial Lion (NG) Good, Nobility, Strength, War; Favored Weapon: Longsword.
Sathia the Sky Duchess (NG) Air, Joy, Travel, Weather; Favored Weapon: Longbow.
Manath the Horned Duke (NG) Charm, Luck, Trickery; Favored Weapon: Mace.
Vhara, Duchess of the Fields (NG) Earth, Fey, Plant; Favored Weapon: Sickle; Scythe.
Kharash the Stalker (NG) Darkness, Trickery, Wrath; Favored Weapon: Dagger.
Bharraj the Great Bear (NG) Healing, Knowledge, Magic; Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff; Club.

Talisid and the Five Companions

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