Days and Months

From The Regnum Animale by Bishop Vitellus of Oaken:

The standard week of seven days are named as follows: Primeday, Duoday, Triday, Quartiday, Quintiday, Sextiday and Septiday.  Worship services are conducted every Primeday, the day of rest, though of course there are also holidays throughout the year.

There are 365 days in the year, divided into twelve months based on the phases of the Moon.  The twelve months of the year are as follows:

Jermenus (early spring)
Floruus (high spring)
Praireanus (late spring)
Mesiarus (early summer)
Thermonus (high summer)
Fructus (late summer)
Vindemia (early autumn)
Brume (high autumn)
Frimas (late autumn)
Nivosus (early winter)
Pluviaire (high winter)
Ventosus (late winter)

Days and Months

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