The Codex of Vile Darkness

Rumored Collection of Evil Writings


From The Regnum Animale (original manuscript) by Bishop Vitellus of Oaken :

There are those who speak of a blasphemous collection of writings known under a variety of names I will not record here, but together are referred to in Church writings as the Codex of Vile Darkness.  Fragments of this codex have been discovered across the land, and are known even to the Reptilians, though in their heathen ignorance they consider them to contain divine guidance.  While the authors of these blasphemies are mortal, it was their corruption and possession by the Infernal enemies of The Undying Flame that guided their hands to write.  There are, regrettably, a great many evil entities known to the Church by name, the most powerful of which is Tiamat the Avaricious, Chromatic Queen of Dragons, who seeks to usurp the rightful authority of the Undying Flame and claim dominion over all Fauna for herself.  Heretical movements have sprouted like fungus across the Realm, and our Church inquisitors have found that, in most every case, it was a page or passage from this evil book that planted the seed of it.  I think it wiser to omit any mention of this book from this writing, Vitellus.  We would not wish to inflame the curiosity of the foolish by tantalizing them with such rumors.  Leave this matter to the Harriers. – Benevolus

The Codex of Vile Darkness

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