Lady Ulfrid of Clystre

Wolf Baroness and Matron of the Party


Wolf Baroness of Clystre.  She fought in the Battle of Landown, where she was rescued by the PCs from Ophidian warriors who outnumbered her on the field of battle.

For this deed of gallantry, the Baroness pledged her gratitude, promising that their boldness would be rewarded when the battle was won.  True to her word, after the tide had turned and the Ophidian host had been repelled from the shores of Landown, the Lady Ulfrid saw to it that the mercenaries were well paid for their services.  Moreover, so taken was she by their indomitable spirit that she offered her patronage (or matronage, as it were) in their affairs when they returned to the mainland.  Most notably, upon hearing of Ssireszlin's need to carry a warning to the Crown Prince himself, she gave her word that she would pave the way as best she could to such a meeting.

Lady Ulfrid of Clystre

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