The King of Aurore, Glyndwir the Gold, was slain in battle against the cold-blooded Ophidian foe three years ago.  Though the regent, Lord Adamantius Obstone, has governed the Realm well in his stead, soon the late King's heir, Crown Prince Goldwyn, will be of a suitable age to ascend the ancient throne in Arkhaven.

His ascension comes not a whisker too soon: the Realm is fragmented, squabbled over by rival lords, bandit kings and barbarians; the Avian isle of High Aquilaria, ancestral home of that wizardly species, is besieged by the implacable and unfathomable Invae.  And always the slitted Reptilian eyes of the Ophidian Empire peer jealously across the sea at the noble North.

War is coming to our lands, which have so long enjoyed peace.  If our young King is not prepared to lead us, we will surely fall to those that would devour us whole.


Fauna is a D&D 3.5 game that takes place in a fantasy world populated by anthropomorphic animals.  It draws inspiration from the artwork of Tony DiTerlizzi and the fantasy RPG Ironclaw, but is an original, homebrewed setting.  Characters are created according to the guidelines based on those provided in Savage Species and Green Ronin's Advanced Bestiary, and begin the game at ECL 6.


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